Ate a little too much turkey this Thanksgiving? Tried different methods to get rid of that stubborn bloated looking stomach from the holidays? PHR Centers can offer you the perfect way to help you get rid of that unwanted fat from your body. Get rid of your fat, permanently with body sculpting done by Vanquish. It is an excellent, non invasive way to remove those toxins and fat that cause your body to pack on the pounds.

Our trained team will sit with you and go over your options during a consultation, where they will determine and help you prepare for the best treatment plan to fit your needs and goals for your body. We want to help you achieve your desired look at a fraction of the cost, without the risk of undergoing a huge surgery that would require you to take large amounts of time out of your busy schedule. Using Vanquish, we want to help you gain the confidence in your body.

How Vanquish Works

Unlike other treatments, Vanquish is far more effective in eliminating fat cells, and with our top priority of ensuring our patients remain comfortable throughout the procedure. You will experience little to zero side effects from vanquish, and will be able to resume your daily activities as soon as you walk out the door. Our technician will use the Vanquish panels you will feel a warm sensation in the areas you are looking to have treatments done, as it uses radiofrequency to target the areas.

Treatment time is substantially less time than undergoing a major surgery, such as liposuction, treatment time is anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes, and after it is over our patients have reported seeing results in as little as two to three weeks. With no use of anesthesia you will experience no disturbance in your day to day life after your sessions.

Why You Should Choose To Vanquish

Although eating right, and exercising is beneficial for remaining healthy and achieving weight loss goals. There are times when diet and exercise simply aren’t enough. Our professional team at PHR Centers care about your health, and we want to offer you every step and solution possible to have you looking and feeling like your best self. You shouldn’t have to spend money on costly procedures or try plans that won’t work. We want to help you enhance your physical experience while you remain comfortable.

Contact Us At PHR Centers

If you are struggling with fitting into your favorite pair of pants, or just simply want to look and feel your best. The expert team over at PHR Laser Centers in Plymouth want to help you. Vanquish fat removal is showing to work better than cool sculpting, and you shouldn’t put a delay any further to help yourself out.

Call the office at (734) 207-7770, and speak with one of our professionals today, we will find the time that works best for you and schedule you for a free consultation