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HR LASER CENTERS serving Michigan since 1981

PHR Laser Centers has decades of experience in the hair removal and cosmetic skin rejuvenation industries. As technology continues to advance and grow, PHR Laser Centers has also grown and adapted to better help service it clients. We offer a wide varity of procedures, including laser hair removal, Vanquish fat reductions, Smart Lipo, IPL skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion, an array of customizeable chemical peels, Botox and Dysport.

Our technicians collectively have over 3 decades of experience. We provide an in-depth consultation where we carefully explain the options available to you. During your consultation our staff will explain the techniques that are used with each service available, what works, what doesn’t and why. PHR offers surgical and non-surgical fat and electrolysis for grey hair removal, skin rejuvenation for a younger you and permanent laser hair removal.

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