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Laser Hair Removal Ypsilanti Michigan

At PHR Laser and Med Spa, we offer a variety of laser hair removal services, including bikini, leg, and facial hair removal.

Ypsilanti mi laser hair removalThe professional specialists can better manage unwanted hair on your body in any area at PHR Laser and Med Spa in our comfortably appointed procedure rooms. Chances are you have been plucking, waxing, and shaving to remove hair from areas on your body at home.By trying to do it yourself, you are likely experiencing subpar results and even causing new problems to your skin. People cometo us every day to help them overcome unwanted hair in problematic areas such as upper lip, underarms, bikini lines, legs, and back for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Let us introduce you to safe, and hassle-free hair removal solutions. Laser hair removal is absolutely safe. The most common cosmetic procedure sought by women in the United States is a laser hair removal treatment. Our techniques and lasers do not discriminate,and men get the same great results!If you are dealing with unwanted hair due to a medical condition such as PCOS or hidradenitis suppurativa, we can help you. We have a safe, fast, and virtually painless way for both men and women to achieve the beautifully smooth body they have always wanted.

What should I expect during a permanent hair removal procedure?

Our laser hair removal solutions at PHR Laser Centers near Ypsilanti Michigan eliminate unwanted hair by targeting each follicle individually to prevent the growth of new hair. Our specialized equipment and our highly trained technicians will perform hair removal services in just a few visits right here in our Plymouth office. Because large areas are treated quickly,we can guaranteet hat our patients will have the most comfortable and productive experience at our center. We use Vectus Lasers because they are perfect for all procedures, from upper lip hair removal to full body treatments. We only use only FDA approved equipment at PHR. Our Vectus Lasers have a Sapphire Chill tip that to protects the skin's epidermis layer during treatment. Our system has a special Skintel Melanin Reader, as well. This is the top of the line in lasers and provides the safest way to optimize hair removal treatments to each individual while protecting your skin.

How do I know if permanent hair removal will work for me?

After nearly 40 years researching and performing permanent hair removal procedures, we are experts at choosing the specialized treatment to fit your needs and goals.

Conveniently located near Ypsilanti Michigan for professional laser hair removal service

laser technicianWe take into consideration each individual's skin type, hair type, and ethnicity. When we begin your treatments, you will start to see the optimal, best results for you! Large parts of your body can be treated at one time, for example an entire leg can be hair free in just under 15 minutes. With little or no pain, and no down time as soon as we you can get right back to your regular routine the moment you walk out our door.

Ready to get started on your path to permanent hair removal?

Imagine being free of constant shaving, plucking, and waxing hassles, and the worry of regrowth and stubble. With permanent hair removal, we introduce you to a simple hair removal solution and a simpler way of life. PHR Laser and Med Spa has been in business since 1981, and that is almost four decades. Our staff is very professional and experienced in all the latest procedures for permanent hair removal and we know which one to recommend to you to reach your individual goals. We have been in the industry long enough to have seen other procedures and techniques come and go. We have been in the front row during the development of the cosmetic procedure industry and without a doubt, we are the industry experts.

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