New Year, New You! Say Goodbye to Unwanted Fat This Year

Ringing in the New Year has come and gone. You’ve made your resolutions and you have decided that this year you’re going to stick to them no matter what. It is why if you are looking to have a non-invasive fat reduction procedure done in Plymouth, MI you should look no further than PHR Centers for all of your needs. We understand that with the New Year it brings a chance to begin the start of healthier and new habits. Sometimes we need help in order to achieve those goals. We try to eat better, and exercise but sometimes when that doesn’t work it doesn’t hurt to ask for some extra help.

Non-Surgical Vanquish procedure targets selected fat cells, heating them and causing them to shrink, thus, eliminating them without damaging any of your surrounding tissue. The procedure is comfortable and painless to patients. The only thing that anyone feels during the procedure is a warm sensation in the areas in which treatment was done on.  Many patients have gone on to report following the treatment that they begin to see changes as soon as two to three weeks following their first treatment.

Here are some of the benefits to getting a Non-Surgical Vanquish procedure done.

No Anesthesia: Unlike major procedures like liposuction. Non-Surgical Vanquish doesn’t require the usage of anesthesia in order to get it done. Which means that as soon as you’re done during your time with us, that you’re able to walk back out the door and resume your normal activities.

Affordable: Not only is Non-Surgical Vanquish procedure, non-invasive. It is more affordable too. Major surgeries like liposuction and some other non-invasive procedures out there can be costly. We offer Non-Surgical Vanquish at an affordable price for our clients and guarantee the desired results you’re looking to achieve. You shouldn’t have to put yourself in debt, to look and feel your best.

Permanent Results in Half the Time: After your sessions with us, you’ll notice the results almost immediately after your sessions. Four sessions of 30-40 minutes will help eliminate the fat from your problem areas like your tummy, thighs, and any other problem areas you are looking to have some extra help with.

At PHR Centers our team is highly trained, professional, and courteous. We are here to answer any of your questions and concerns for any procedures that you are considering having done. If you’re looking to schedule an appointment for Non-Surgical Vanquish procedure in Plymouth, MI and want to see just how the procedure will work for you, call us today at (734) 207-7770 and see how we can help you feel and look your absolute best.