Tired of The Fat In Your Bikini Area? Vanquish It!

Quarantine had a lot of us spending time indoors, and reaching for extra snacks or trying out a lot of new baking ventures in our kitchen. Now that summer is here, and we are slowly returning to the pools and beach, or simply lounging on our patios to get a tan. We might feel a little bit self-conscious of the fat on our stomachs, and thighs. At PHR Centers of Plymouth, Michigan, we offer a way for you to get rid of that fat permanently so you can show off your body with confidence and a safe distance of six feet away with body sculpting by Vanquish.

Our highly trained staff is here to help you with all of your concerns and questions about a Vanquish procedure at PHR Centers. Below we have listed some excellent reasons why if you’re on the fence of getting the process done, why it is better than other fat removing options.

Benefits of Vanquish Procedure:

  • Non-invasive: Unlike liposuction and other fat removal procedures, Vanquish is entirely non-invasive. Vanquish panels use radio-frequency to target your problem areas and heat to help eliminate any stubborn fat.
  • Time saver: Liposuction and other procedures have long recovery periods, and you don’t want to be inside recovering from surgery. Our Vanquish procedures usually last about 30-40 minutes, and you’ll be back out the door in no time returning to your daily activities.
  • No side effects or pain: Once you’ve finished a Vanquish treatment, patients reported zero pain and were able to resume their usual activities with ease.
  • Less costly: Liposuction and other procedures can be expensive, but with Vanquish treatments, you can find yourself with the ideal results at a fraction of the cost!

Choose Vanquish Over Other Procedures

While eating right and exercising is beneficial to help maintain your weight loss goals, it doesn’t hurt to have extra help. Our highly trained staff at PHR Centers of Plymouth, MI, are highly trained and licensed to ensure that you see the desired results of our Vanquish procedures, all while helping make the process affordable to all of our patients. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that all our patients feel comfortable and safe during their procedures. We are following all safety protocols and sanitization standards to make sure that you feel comfortable returning to us for all your services.

Call Us Today At PHR Centers!

If you are tired of the fat in your bikini area and want to look and feel your best. The expert team over at PHR Laser Centers in Plymouth want to help you. Vanquish fat removal is showing to work better than cool sculpting, and you shouldn’t put a delay any further to help yourself out. Call the office at (734) 207-7770, and speak with one of our professionals today, we will find the time that works best for you and schedule you for a free consultation.