Sweater Weather? More Like Laser Hair Removal Weather!

Summer has come and gone, and although we are buried under layers of clothes and bundled in our sweaters. You may think that the time for smooth and hairless skin is only for the summer. That is where you are wrong! Why not appreciate the feeling of soft skin and not having to shave all year round? At PHR Centers of Plymouth, MI, we can help you achieve that goal when you decide to undergo laser hair removal sessions.

Say goodbye to unsightly hair forever when you decide to get laser hair treatments done. Shaving and waxing are costly alternatives to hair removal, book some sessions with us, and you won’t have to worry about picking up a razor, or wax irritating your skin or ingrown hairs ever again! By the time next summer rolls around, you’re ready to show off your skin in your favorite dress or bathing suit.

Why Wait Until Fall to Do Laser Hair Removal?

It may seem silly to think of getting laser hair removal done in the fall, especially when you’re wearing long pants and sweaters most of the time, and no one besides you will see the hair on your body. However, after laser hair removal, it is best if you do not expose your skin to the sun, and there is no better time than the fall or winter to have laser hair removal done when you have to be bundled up in warm, comfortable clothes. There is nothing quite like the feeling of smooth skin against soft clothing!

It would help if you considered booking your laser hair treatment services in Plymouth, MI, at PHR Centers. Where we use only the latest and FDA approved lasers on all of our clients. Our lasers all have a chill tip that is great for protecting your skin before and during treatment. The laser works to target your hair follicles to eliminate hair and is excellent for all skin types. The results are instant, and you find that you’ll enjoy the feeling of smoother and hairless skin. With just four to six sessions, you can zap away the hair from your bikini area, legs, and arms and be ready to show off your skin only in time for next summer!

The comfort and safety of our clients is our top priority, and it is why our staff at PHR Centers is highly trained to make sure that all our tools are sanitized and up to date, and that our technicians follow the strict guidelines in place to ensure your health and safety during your visit. 


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