Laser hair removal can provide massive relief to those who deal with unwanted body and facial hair. The treatment has proven to be an effective way to eliminate large portions of hair from the body. At PHR Laser Centers, we pride ourselves on offering the best laser hair removal treatments in Plymouth, MI. The procedure sometimes can come with some minor post-treatment side effects, and we are happy to say many of these side effects are preventable and easily treated, and avoidable with the proper precautions.

  1. Redness and irritation: One of the most common side effects of laser hair removal is redness around or irritation around the treated areas. This usually goes away in a few hours following treatment. Still, you can help soothe the area by applying aloe vera, cool washcloths and avoiding exfoliating the area, leading to further irritation.
  2. Acne: Following laser hair removal procedures, it is common for acne to appear in treatment areas. This side effect can happen when your pores are clogged, and the heat from the laser helps to open up your pores, and your skin can become sensitive to these minor infections, which can lead to a breakout. This can be prevented by following a sensitive post skin and body care regime that treats acne to help clear the area of acne and of course, remember to continue to use cooling creams to soothe the skin. Also, remember not to pick or scratch at pimples or acne to avoid scarring.
  3. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs during laser treatments when the skin is affected by the laser during the treatment instead of your hair follicles, creating a scar or burn mark on the body. We strongly advise our clients that if they are looking to begin the laser hair removal process following treatment, they try to minimize their exposure to the sun and wear a high-SPF sunscreen to prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Keep Yourself Safe From Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Plenty of laser hair removal side effects are avoidable and treatable. We cannot stress enough that if you are looking to get laser hair removal done, you make sure that you see a trained professional. We are proud of our highly-trained staff here at PHR Laser Centers that work to make the environment of our establishment a safe and comfortable experience for all our clients. This is why we are the highly ranked laser hair removal center in Plymouth, MI. If you are curious about laser hair removal benefits, call us today at (734) 270-7770 to schedule a consultation.