Destress During the Holidays with the Infrared Sauna

The holidays can be a time of great stress for many, between shopping and preparing for family, and all the hustle and bustle that comes along with this time of the year, you may notice that making time to take care of yourself may end up on the back burner. Although sauna therapy has been around as a way to help you get back to feeling like your best self again for many years, at PHR Laser Centers we offer to you an infrared sauna therapy as a tool to help you heal and feel like your best self again.

How Does The Infrared Sauna Work?

Unlike a traditional sauna, which uses steam and water to help generate the heat within the room. An infrared sauna uses infrared light, a light that is invisible in the spectrum of light that the sun normally generates to help penetrate through your tissue. The results, you may wonder, is a relaxing natural warmth that is similar to receiving sunlight on a warm day. It heats the boy directly, rather than only heating the surrounding air of your body.

The heat from infrared light does an excellent job of heating your bodies core at the cellular level helping to break down the toxins within, and the most incredible thing about the sauna is that it does not contain any harmful UV rays, so you do not have to worry about any of the damaging effects of sun damage on your skin.

See The Incredible Benefits of The Infrared Sun Can Have For You!

Using only the latest technology for our Infrared Sauna, the Solarcarbon Full Spectrum, it allows our patients to experience a wide array of benefits from the exposure of the infrared heat. It has been clinically tested to raise the temperature in your core, and lower your blood pressure which could aid in weight loss. When you use an infrared sauna you are likely to sweat seven times as more, than you would with use of a traditional steam sauna which aids in the detoxification of the impurities from your body.

You’ll enjoy a deeply relaxing session that allows you to unwind, the infrared sauna is great for patients who struggle with pain in their back, neck or arthritis pain, and it even has shown to improve your skin by opening the pores to allow for a deeper sweat that is induced by infrared therapy. 

Most important of all is that Infrared Therapy is safe for our patients. You can be exposed to infrared for hours and will not have to worry about any harm or long term side effects.

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The holidays can be a stressful time, and we at PHR Laser Centers understand that. We want you to always look and feel your best, and with the cold weather what better way to help you feel your best than a session in our Infrared Sauna? In a healthy and heated room, you’ll be able to destress and detoxify your body, and most importantly feel like your best self-again. If you want to feel the rejuvenating energy of the Infrared Sauna, and feel more relaxed and less exhausted. Call us today at (734)207-7770 to schedule your free consultation.