Sometimes when life can seem a bit too difficult, we owe it to ourselves to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves. It is crucial that when we take care of others, we take the time to make sure our needs are met. Whether it is making sure we drink more water, get more sleep, and eat healthily. Another important thing we do is make sure our skin also gathers the benefits of being cared for. At PHR Laser Centers, we offer VIPeel treatments in Plymouth, MI, to all of our clients looking to feel as radiant on the outside as they do on the inside.

Who can get a VIPeel?

  • The great thing about our VIPeel treatments is that when you meet with our highly trained staff for a consultation, we take the time to examine your skin and go over your skin's needs. We understand that everyone's skin is different, so we take the careful time to create a custom plan for treatment that will show the best results for your skin type and specific problems you are looking to target.

What to expect with a VIPeel?

  • A VIPeel is a specially formulated blend of acids to help exfoliate the skin and is usually a concise treatment that can take place in under an hour.
  • Immediately after your peel your skin will look darker, as pigmentation is brought to the surface. The peel will remain on the skin for four hours after the application. You will have to remove the peel at home by cleansing your skin with provided take home products. On day two and three before your skin starts to peel, it will not be apparent that you have had a chemical peel, and you will be able to return to regular activities in 5-7 days. You must avoid sun exposure and wear SPF at all times. You will not be able to do vigorous exercises, and avoid wearing liquid makeup. Days three to seven you may experience minor to moderate skin peeling it is important to know that you can not pick, peel, or scratch shedding skin. Removing the skin manually can cause damage such as scarring or hyperpigmentation. Also, during the process of the peel you will not able to use your normal skin care regimen. We will provide you with cleanser, moisturizer, SPF, and peel promoting towelettes.
  • Each blend is custom-made to address each of our clients' unique skin issues, so you aren't receiving the same treatment as someone else.

Am I the right candidate for a VIPeel?

  • If you're experiencing dry skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, enlarged pores, or uneven skin tone, then a VIPeel might be just the solution you're looking for to address your skincare concerns. The skin on our faces can be sensitive and endure things like pollution, UV light, and other factors that will begin to show as stress or further flare-ups on your skin over the years. With a VIPeel, we address those issues so that you can leave looking and feeling your absolute best.

Still curious about a VIPeel?

At PHR Laser Centers, we offer the best VIPeel treatments in Plymouth, Michigan. Our staff is highly trained and works closely with our clients to ensure they see the maximum benefits with our treatments. Schedule a consultation by calling us today at (734) 207-7770, and let us help you get the radiant and smooth skin you desire!